Chirawa ka Peda is one of the most famous mawa peda available in Rajasthan. If you love sweets you should eat chirawa peda. Peda is made from mawa(khoya). It is made by evaporating water from milk by heating it, Hence mawa is pure product made from milk with no artificial substances added in it.

Mawa Peda inherits all the nutrition value of milk. It is one of the healthiest sweet available in market. Mawa Peda is also called Doodh Peda or Khoya peda. Sanjay Chirawa is one of the most famous sweet shop in chirawa selling plain peda as well as kesar peda.

Our Kesar/Plain peda is made with pure milk mawa, Sugar, cardamom, Pistachio etc. These ingredients are sourced from high quality suppliers which gives Chirawa ka peda its unique taste and identity .

New Sanjay Misthan Bhandar is unique place to order chirawa peda online. Our Chirawa  peda price is Rs. 340 for plain peda and Rrs. 440 for kesar peda. However prices are little higher for SALASAR DHAM.

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