Sanjay Chirawa is one of the most famous Sweet Shop of  Chirawa Jhunjhunu. It sells best Chirawa ka Peda. We are World Famous Sweet Shop of Chirawa.  Our Doodh Peda is famous Worldwide. Our Doodh Peda is made with Prepared with Mawa(Pure Milk Ka Mawa), Sugar, Ilaichi, Pista(Pistachio), Ilaichi Dana. We use only pure ingredients to make our sweets.

Doodh peda is considered good for health. We don’t use artificial preservatives. Milk and Sugar and Nuts are basic ingredients to make peda. Milk is  one of the best source of vitamins and minerals, and nuts are also very healthy. So Peda inherits all the nutrition that milk and nuts provide which makes it one of the healthiest sweet. Sanjay Chirawa is one of the most popular Sweet Shop in Rajasthan and our peda are populor worldwide. These milk peda’s are highly delicious and excellent gifting option.

Sanjay Chirawa sells Sudha Peda , Our Sudha Peda price is Rs. 340 only. Our Mawa Peda /Milk Peda offers quality taste, Health benefits at very reasonable price. Our Doodh Peda Cost only Rs. 340 only. Peda is rich in Carbohydrates, Sugar, High Fat. Calcium and vitamins. Hence it is good source of energy. It is excellent Gifting options on various festivals eg. Diwali, Rakhi Etc. It is also used to gift during weddings, engagement parties etc. So if you are gifting sweets to your loved one it is best to gift pure sweets. SanjayChirawa is known for its quality in all over Rajasthan, It is one of the best Sweet Shop in Rajasthan.

Sanjay Chirawa also supply sweets to all major temples of Rajasthan. So if you need to devote prashad to any temple you can contact us.

To order Our Milk Peda please contact us at +91-9079708900

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Chirawa wala Sanjiv Misthan Bhandar Rajasthan / Prop. Sanjay Kumar Chirawa


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