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Salasar Bala Ji

Churu, Rajasthan

Salasar Balaji is a religious place for the devotees of Lord Hanuman. It is situated in Churu district of Rajasthan. Salasar Dham attracts innumerable Indian worshipers throughout the year. 

On Chaitra Purnima and Ashvin Purnima large fairs are organized every year where more than 6 to 7 lakhs of people assemble here to pay their homage to the deity. Hanuman Sewa Samiti looks after the management of the Temple and the fairs. There are many Dharamshalas to stay and restaurants to eat. The temple of Sri Hanuman is situated right in the middle of the Salasar town. 

Khatu Shyam ji


He legend of Shyam Baba can be traced back to the medieval Mahabharata. Barbareek was the son of the great Pandava brother – Bhim and Nag Kanya – Ahilawati. Barbareek, from his childhood was very brave and a great warrior. He learnt the art of fighting from his mother. Lord Shiva, pleased with him, gave him the three infallible Arrows (Teen Baan) and Agni Dev (Fire God) gave him the Bow, which would make him victorious in the three worlds.

The battle of Mahabharata was inevitable between the Pandavas and Kauravas, and having got the news, Barbareek wanted to witness the great war. He promised to his mother, that if he felt the urge, to participate in the battle, he would join the side which would be losing. He rode on the Blue Horse (Leela Ghora) equipped with the three arrows and the bow. The omnipresent Lord Krishna, disguising himself as a Brahmin, stopped Barbareek to examine his strength. He even tried to mock Barbareek saying that he was going to the great battle with only three arrows. 


Mehandipur Balaji

Sri Mehandipur Balaji Temple is situated in Dausa,Rajasthan.Basically Shri Mehendipur Balaji Temple is Lord Hanuman Ji’s Temple.Long ago the image of Lord Balaji and that of Pret Raja (the King of spirits) appeared from the Arawali hills.


Shakambari Devi

She had countless number of eyes upon Her that gave Her the name SATAKSHI. She was carrying grains, cereals, vegetables, greens, fruits and other herbs – and was hence called SHAKAMBARI.


Rani Sati Jhunjhunu

Rani Sati mandir is one of the most famous temples in Rajasthan. It is situated in Jhunjhunu town. It has a history of more than 400 years and is a testimony to feminine bravery and spirit which certainly captures the attention of all tourists.


Jeenmata Dham, Raiwasa, Sikar

Jeenmata Dham is abode of Jeen Mata. Mata is an incarnation of the Durga. Her abode is nestled in the picturesque Aravalli hills in Raiwasa, District Sikar, State of Rajasthan in India, 115 kms from Jaipur-the state capital. The sacred shrine of JeenMata is belived to be thousands of years old.


Moti Doongri Ganesh Temple Jaipur

The idol of Lord Ganesh ji (worshipped first of all among all deities) is in sitting posture. Trunk of the elephant headed Lord Ganesh ji is towards his left hand which considered very auspicious. According to Hinduism, Lord Ganesh ji rides on Mushak (Rat). A big idol of mushak made of marble is also placed in front of Lord Ganesh ji.


Shri Dhandhan Satiji

It’s a known and established fact that Indian Women have always been respected and they enjoy a very high position in the society because of their honest and pure motherhood, devotion for their family with full integrity and responsibility as a home-maker and on top of that the sacrifice of their own self for the betterment of others. 

the Ganesh Temple

Moti Doongri

Govind Devji

The original Govindevji was found about 450 years ago by Rupa Goswami. Govindevji was removed from Vrindaban town when the Muslim emperor Aurangzeb tried to destroy it. The original Govind dev ji Deity is now in Jaipur, in Govind Devji temple right outside the City Place. The city place is King of Jaipur’s palace.


Devsar Dhaam

Devsar Dhaam is a location in theBhiwani District of Haryana, India. It stands on a hillock on Bhiwani-Luharu Road,and has a temple devoted to the goddess Vaishno Devi.
Devsar is a place of great religious importance. The temple of the goddess Maa Durga attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over Northern India.


Karni Mata temple, Deshnoke

Karni Mata was a female Hindu sage born in the Charan caste and is worshiped as the incarnation of the goddess Durga. She is an official deity of the royal family of Jodhpur and Bikaner. During her lifetime, she laid the foundation stone of two of the important forts in Rajputana. 

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