Gajar Pak is famous Rajasthani sweet made with Gajar, Milk, Mawa, Pure Deshi Ghee, Ilaichi & Sugar. These ingredients are basically same that of Gajar ka Halwa. But making Barfi/Gajar pPk with same ingredients is special skill. It is one of the most famous sweet of Chirawa Rajasthan. Special high quality Gajar are selected to make Gajar Pak. These Carrots are carefully washed and only 100% hygienic products are used to make Gajar Pak.

This dish is extremely tasty, It is high in Vitamin A, Fiber, Potassium and other nutrients. No Artificial colors and preservatives are used to make Gajar Pak or other sweets.

You can order  Gajar ki Barfi online

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Our Price for Gajar Pak is Rs. 400 only.

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Chirawa wala Sanjiv Misthan Bhandar Rajasthan / Prop. Sanjay Kumar Chirawa


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