Sanjay Laddu

Laddu is one of the most famous sweets of India. It is gifted on each and every occasion in India. Laddu is devoted to god as prasad.  It is also given as gift on various festivals eg. Diwali, Rakhi etc. Laddu is also distributed in India on good occasions eg. child birth, marriage etc. Sanjay […]

Gajar Pak

Gajar Pak is famous Rajasthani sweet made with Gajar, Milk, Mawa, Pure Deshi Ghee, Ilaichi & Sugar. These ingredients are basically same that of Gajar ka Halwa. But making Barfi/Gajar pPk with same ingredients is special skill. It is one of the most famous sweet of Chirawa Rajasthan. Special high quality Gajar are selected to […]

Chirawa Peda

Chirawa ka Peda is one of the most famous mawa peda available in Rajasthan. If you love sweets you should eat chirawa peda. Peda is made from mawa(khoya). It is made by evaporating water from milk by heating it, Hence mawa is pure product made from milk with no artificial substances added in it. Mawa […]

Sweet Shop in Jhunjhunu

Sanjay Chirawa is one of the most famous sweet shop in Chirawa. We are one stop shop to buy all kind of traditional indian sweet.  Chirawa is well developed town of jhunjhunu  and very famous for its traditional sweets. Chirawa Laddu , Peda’s are famous worldwide.  Sanjay Chirawa is one of the most famous and […]